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 Among various iphone 3gs apps available in the web, catching interest among adults and kids alike a popular and yet an advance one is Siri. Siri is the voice of Iphone, functions as your apple virtual assistant. Basically Siri translates your voice calls into text messages, locate establishments and find your way through GPS navigation. She functions as a smartbot adapting to your preference on continuous use. Siri operates with third party free download iphone 3gs apps maximizing her ability to mimic the human language; she functions with Yelp and Wolfram Alpha for more complex function. Open Table Rotten Tomatoes for locating restaurants and places. She is a Facebook and Twitter and can gather info out of social media sites.

 Siri was first released as an Iphone 4S default on 2010 by SRI International Ventures for Apple. The name is synonymous to a beautiful woman leading you to victory, in Norwegian. Founded on group venture in around $15.5 Billion founding capital, by Dagg Kitlaus and Hong Kong�s Li Ka Shing started a stand-alone company with development starting in 2007. It was later bought by Apple for a whopping $200 million. Contrary to Apple polished Siri, the first launched Siri has a tint of dirty humor. The 2011 modified version was endowed with greater abilities and more humble. It generated $150-$250 Million with multi-lingual variations. In addition it can now integrate information from Yahoo, Gayot, Boora and Google. She can smartly anticipate and curb various conversations in different scenarios, such as finding a romantic restaurant, delayed travel flights and converse sweetly with a customer referring by the first nexus apps

 As an interactive application, Siri works with your calendar, navigator, browsing, email, messaging, weather inquiries, Facetime, Find my Friends, stocks, maps, music, reminders, interacting on language platforms such as Chinese, Mandarin, English ,French, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and other add-ons. She can take notes, converse with you and message on your behalf all at your voice prompt. Managing your calendar through Siri is easy as a breeze, you can modify time add new information at a voice prompt recommended together with the use of Icloud service. The partner scheduling applications allow easy syncing of your IOS phone to your Ipad and computer, any change will be automatically updated leaving no room for confusion and errors unless you personally made the mistake.

 Siri on IOS 6.1 is more interactive. It can secure movie tickets via Fandango. Aside from this Siri is currently integrating with Chevrolet My Link allowing to sync on navigation functions of your car. You can now do your morning calls when driving. Siri on Icloud operates on voice prompt, allowing you to multitask while communicating. She can find ATM locations for you and handle emergencies. Yes, she can call 911 and more so plan your travels. Siri�s sister Desti however is more equipped to be your travel buddy. Siri�s weakness is her inability to function without the net. Her brain is on the web. She is an Icloud based application developed further and rumored to be powered by Nuance galaxy games download

 In a survey conducted 87% of Iphone owners use Siri, only it is claimed that only 4.7% of web search is done through Siri. (Source:,,

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